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I wish I was so lucky

They wish for money. They dream about luxury. I demand for one thing, I just want a family.
Happiness is around them, they don't know with whom to share. I don't demand for happiness, I just need a person to care.
I need a place for myself. I need a place to pray. My demands are not too much. I just need a home to stay.
As time passed by, all I had was lost. I wish I could go back and fix things in the past.
I smile when I see others enjoying, feels good to see them together. I wish I had my parents now, that would have been my only treasure.
They struggle all day long, still gain peace in home when they sleep. I struggle every moment, I wish I at least had a shelter to weep.
They earn, they spend, they strive to fulfill their loved ones greed. I still can do anything for a person who would hug me when I really need.
I am happy for everyone around me, they inspire me to stay. I close my eyes and I could see a better place, I close my eyes and I pray.
I thank God for whatever I have. There may …

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